NPS Pea Ridge
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  • Hiking at Pea Ridge NMP

    Planning Your Hike

    Hiking at Pea Ridge National Military Park is a great way to understand the true scope of the park, both in size and meaning. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the quiet peace of nature in bustling Northwest Arkansas

    Know Before You Go

    Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a stroll in nature, you need to be prepared for the insects, weather, and terrain of Pea Ridge. Always make sure to bring plenty of water, wear appropriate shoes, spray down with insect repellent and most importantly watch the weather.

    Bad weather can crop up quickly in this area. Make sure that you check the forecast before you hike, especially in the spring and summer, and let someone know where you are going and when you'l be back.

    A Friendly Reminder

    While Pea Ridge National Military Park’s trail system varies, one thing always remains the same: you are on hallowed ground where men fought and died for their country. You are allowed and encouraged to explore, but keep in mind why the park is here in the first place. Pack out your trash, do not dig or do any metal detecting, and keep your dog on a leash at all times — simple hiking etiquette.

    Help us keep the park natural and clean to better memorialize and respect the people who came before us, and ensure a positive experience for those who will come after.

    Clemens Field to Ruddick's Field Loop
    Williams Hollow Loop
    Ford Road to the East Overlook
    Leetown Fields
    Natural Wonders
    Wildflowers at Leetown Battlefield; photo by NPS Park Guide Stephanie Caley
    Wildflowers at Leetown Battlefield; photo by NPS Park Guide Stephanie Caley