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  • Louis Hebert

    Born in Lousiana in 1820, Louis Hebert was an 1845 West Point graduate who resigned his regular army commission in 1847 to run his father’s plantation but was active in the state’s militia. Before the Civil War, Hebert served in the Louisiana state legislature and as a civil engineer. When the war began, Hebert offered his services to the Confederate Army and fought in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in August of 1861 with the 3rd Louisiana. The 3rd Louisiana participated here at the battle of Pea Ridge in McCulloch’s Division and fought at the Leetown battlefield. Hebert, along with many of his troops, were captured there by Union forces under Jefferson C. Davis and James Osterhaus. Louis Hebert was exchanged during a prisoner exchange on March 20, 1862 and then resumed command of a brigade that fought at Iuka and Corinth. Transferred too Vicksburg, Hebert is captured once more and is paroled and exchanged in July of 1863. For the remainder of the war, Louis Hebert remained near Fort Fisher and dealt Confederate with artillery and engineering matters. After the Civil War, Louis Hebert edited several Louisiana newspapers and taught at several private schools. Louis Hebert died in 1901.