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  • Stop 11 - Little Sugar Creek Trenches

    "Digging In", a painting by Andy Thomas
    "Digging In", a painting by Andy Thomas

    Many visitors choose to forgo the trip to Stop 11.

    Please see the video below to better understand the importance of our offsite tour stop.

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    Where I Knew I Might Make

    the Best Fight

    With no hope of reinforcements from St. Louis, General Samuel Curtis had only 10,500 men to confront a Confederate army of more than 16,000 marching towards him. Curtis ordered his men to use this creek and the line of steep hills to prepare a strong defense.

    Sugar Creek's trenches were never used in combat. During the night the Confederates marched completely around these positions. On the morning of March 7, 1862, the Union army had to turn around and fight at Leetown and Elkhorn Tavern.